Ocean Drilling

We provides all kinds of flexible pipe and fluid adapting pieces for “CNOOC”, “HYSY981”, “HYSY982”, the Nanhai Sea Drilling Combustible ice “Bluewhale I D90”, “Bluewhale II D90”, and 502 global ocean engineering projects. At the same time the company also provides supporting service for more than 30 world famous petroleum drilling equipment companies and petroleum companies.

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Other Industry

We is the industry famous enterprise which is combined for petroleum and natural gas industry design, manufacture, supply flexible pipe , fluid transportation system and offering engineering service and is inland technology-leading manufacturer and supplying service provider that enjoys good fame all over the world.

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Recommend Products

We has won qualification certificate of going to sea operation and has professional operating team for going to sea. We will operate field, and carry out administration and management and maintenance for pipe system of marine drilling platform and marine engineering project so as to provide total solution for users.

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Our products are mainly used in Marine Engineering,Oil& Gas Exploration, Engineering Vessel, Natural Gas, Construction Machinery, Chemical Industry, Food and Drug, Metallurgical Equipment, Coal, Rail Transit
SHANDONG YUELONG RUBBER&PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Is located at Laizhou City, Shandong Province, which is a new high-tech enterprise that is combined for design development, production and management ( The company has Techfluid Yantai Limited & Shandong Techfluid Engineering Co., Limited)
Company Profile

SHANDONG YUELONG RUBBER&PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Is located at Laizhou City, Shandong Province,We has passed ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification, OHSMS18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System Certification.


We promise to provide high performance products and complete solution for you!

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